Monday, February 4, 2013

Samsung customer support still sucks.

So following the last blog post I sent another message to Samsung through their web contact form.

The message was as follows:

I have just written up my Samsung customer support experience: 
I used to be a huge fan of Samsung Android phones, frequently recommending them to friends and relatives. 
After this experience I will never by another Samsung device of any description. 
Congratulations on losing a loyal customer.
I received the following response:
Thank you for contacting Samsung Customer Care. 
We understand that you have an issue with your phone replacement. 
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. 
Although this service is provided as a means of technical support for our customers, we appreciate any feedback about our company's products and services. The e-mail message you sent has been reviewed and forwarded to the proper individuals. We value your comments. 
We recommend you to contact our phone specalist department on 1-888-751-4078 for further assistance on this. After dialing this number select (1) for English or (2) for French. 
Samsung values the relationship with its customers. We realize that you have been greatly inconvenienced by the situation. 
Thank you for contacting Samsung. 

So I once again called the support line.   Once again, they are not actually prepared to do anything about the situation other than giving me a number where I can get a quote for the cost of a repair.

So although "Samsung values the relationship with its customers" and realizes that I have been "greatly inconvenienced by the situation" they are still not prepared to do anything about the situation.

In short, they are just wasting my time by asking me to call them.

Update: they have opened a new support ticket and punted things back up to executive support with a promise to get back to me in 24-48 hours.   Watch this space for the next fun instalment.


Bradley Riggs said...

Well, how did things go With your Samsung device? I am currently nagging them about receiving a defective galaxy S3 phone; they won't send me a replacement; they want me to send it in for repair (at the expense of two weeks without a phone). I do not see why I cannot exchange this phone for a new handset. Never had these kinds of problems with Apple....not that I am a huge Apple fan boy but, at least I have had positive experiences with Apple customer support.

Samsung has the mentality that things rarely go wrong with their products; therefore, the customer is not eligible to receive an exchange for a new handset; rather just wait who knows how long for service work.

John Gill said...

The Samsung lasted another 6 months before going into the boot cycle again. This time I didn't manage to fix it.

Good luck with Samsung, they don't really seem to believe in customer support.